Class #4: The hot room

After my gong show of a class on Thursday, I was beyond nervous for Friday morning to arrive. People were coming to the studio to practice with me. And paying for it! I feel the level of yoga I’m offering this month is worth the free rate I’m charging, but not $7.

7 people arrived for my class — a few friends and 3 of which I did not know! One lady was in town from Moksha Yoga Cincinnati. How cool! And the other two ladies are regular students at downtown. Erin, the studio manager, and Peter Ward, another teacher of mine, also came to my class. The weirdest feeling came over me when I walked into that room. It was like doing so for the first time all over again. Looking at the bodies lying on the floor, it hit me: I have to instruct them! I’m the one who has to wake them from their savasana and get them moving. When I realized that, being a teacher became real.

This is not Downtown's hot room, but you get the idea!

This is not Downtown’s hot room, but you get the idea!

60 minutes later it was all over. I survived. And no one died! Nothing bad happened. And to my surprise, I felt like it went well! I had positive feedback from the students, with a few things to work on. Breathing cues again, I instructed pranyama breathing pretty quickly (the first part of class was a bit fast) and so was the flow sequence. But I felt like it was fast too, so at least I was somewhat aware of it. When I slow down in my own body and the rhythm of class with soften.

Peter sat down with me and talked me though his feedback. I need to stick to the Moksha sequence… oops! Getting this locked down means I can then ┬áto mix it up. But not before. I also need to get my hands on people and make adjustments. Another oops. Peter said I was gentle, and friendly, and it was easy to practice with me. Thanks, Peter! You’re feedback means a lot to me!

My next community class at Moksha Yoga Downtown is Friday, May 31st at 8:15am. Come! And you too can give me feedback!


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