Sister Act: The Blue Nose (Half) Marathon


Now that you’ve heard Erin’s side of the story, here’s mine.  I’m still in shock really from Sunday’s race. I’m not entirely sure where to begin.

Erin gave you the play-by-play of our race morning. For some odd reason, this particular morning I was feeling really nervous. Why? I don’t know. I wasn’t running the marathon! But I was worried about me: what I ate the night before, I didn’t sleep well that night, and of course I was worried about the race. Luckily enough, Kendal was in the same boat as I was. We both had very little training our our belts going into the race Sunday. Thank goddess I was not the only one! Having Kendal there gave me a sense of ease and knowing I wasn’t alone. But, like all races we wanted to get out there, have a good run, and just have fun.

But, let’s face it: we both had arterial motives going into this half marathon. Breaking 2 hours was mine (and Kendal’s) goal and I knew darn well if I didn’t run sub 2:00, I would be upset. Yes, for me the point of the trip was to support Erin, come home, see my parents, family and friends, and yes, run. But I needed a goal. I had a race to run too – this trip wasn’t all about Erin’s marathon! I was running my second half marathon ever, people.


Going into San Francisco half last October I wanted to be fast and when I finished with a time of 2:09 I was rather annoyed. However, I learned to accept this time and soon enough I was okay with the fact: this was an extremely hilly course and it was my first half marathon! I really shouldn’t be too hard on myself. This time around, at the Blue Nose, I knew I could run the distance – hey! I ran 30k on yoga training alone. 21.1k will be a breeze. In San Fran, I found the course long. This time, in Halifax, I was worried about the route itself. I pretty much did zero hill or speed training. Again, this was not a very smart move on my part considering the Blue Nose is supposed to be the toughest marathon in Canada. Way to pick ’em, Erin, and when you’re on a steady rolling incline from 17k to the finish, I would totally agree. It was not fun.

(Before I dive too far into my recap I need to start of by telling the world how proud of Erin I am! She did it. Erin, you are a marathoner! Now I must run a marathon… perhaps this fall? I’m still contemplating my options.)

Back to my recap. After seeing Erin off, I was settling down and feeling a bit more prepared. Having Mom and Dad there made me super excited to run. I wanted to run really fast for them. I’m a bit of a show off, but I couldn’t help it. When you’re parents are around, you want to perform your best.

Once the gun sounded, I ran easy early. I wanted to space myself away from the crowd. I wanted to find the 2:00 pace bunny and stick with her the entire time. This way if I was feeling good I would run ahead or back off and run with her if I needed to. The weather was perfect and I was feeling really good. I kept it up for 7k and that’s when I found her! Out of now where she appeared before my eyes. By this time, I was on cruse control and there was no way I was slowing down. New strategy: run ahead of the 2:00 bunny and make sure she doesn’t pass me!

When we made the turn onto Barrington Street it was time to flip the tunes on. Anne made me a playlist (thanks, Annie!) which I was given specific instructions not to list to until the race. I was needing  a pick-me-up, at this point, as the runners around me began to disperse. And that’s when Anne’s sweet little voice rang in my ears! It was just want I needed to kick my butt into high gear. And so I took off! I really have Anne to thank for my fast time.

It wasn’t until we entered Point Pleasant Park I began to feel the tank emptying. But I was determined to stay ahead of the bunny, even if it killed me. But, at this point (14k) she could have very well passed me without me even knowing it. This stretch felt long and all I wanted to do was get the get out of the park and find the damn hill I had to run up for this thing to end.

As I kept going things started feeling a bit better – I was trying not to think too much – the crowds were so supportive, the sun was still shining, and my playlist rocked! Before I knew it 17k mark was in sight, then the 20k, and finally the finish line! I powered up the hill at the end – I had to I couldn’t have an old guy beat me – it was a tough finish. I wanted to fall over or barf, I wasn’t sure which. All I wanted to do was find Mom and Dad and collapse. I had no idea what my time was at this point nor did I care, but when I heard the announcer say the 2:15 bunny crossed the finish I knew I was faster than 2:15! Yay! It wasn’t until Matt sent me a text “1:52:02 Jill, you crushed it!” I sure did. Wow.

If only I actually trained, like really trained properly, imagine how fast I could be?! But according to my mother, I’m not that fast. Thanks, Mom, when I run a sub 1:45 will I be fast then? Only time will tell.




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