Play ball!

One day at work, I noticed a flyer advertising a work softball league. Other than gym class and goofing around in my backyard, I haven’t played a lot of softball. But, I was keen to try something new and it would be a good opportunity to network and meet people outside my department. So I emailed. The schedule was perfect: games were once a week and always at 6:30 in Trinity Bellwoods or Riverdale Park. So I signed up and was assigned a team.

Our first game was two days after our marathon, but it got rained out after one inning. Our second game was last night. We lost 8-2 (or 9-2?), but it was a lot of fun. Despite my lack of experience, I was assigned second base. Our short stops were so helpful in telling me what to do, thank goodness!

I batted twice: struck out the first time (with two foul balls) and hit a single the second time. As for my defensive play? Well, I didn’t contribute all that much, but I didn’t commit any errors (YES!) and caught a grounder and threw it to first to get a batter out. So I consider my first game in 15 years a success.

Softball. It’s sort of like exercise.

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  1. AM says:

    I agree with the “sort of like exercise” as well. I’ve played for a few years now and sometimes the most exercise I get is jumping around the dugout. 😉

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