I’m going for a walk in the woods

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A 220k walk, that is.

After what is probably a year of discussing and dreaming, JK and I took a big step forward in making our Cheryl Strayed-inspired dreams come true: we booked our tickets to Newfoundland.

(To be specific, JK booked them. I owe her money. Soon, JK, I promise!!)

On August 3, we are flying halfway across the country to go into the woods for two weeks. We return to Toronto on August 18. I hope we emerge alive.

I hope we emerge still friends.

The plan is to cover the 220k of the East Coast Trail on the Avalon penninsula in Newfoundland (the developed part) in 12 days. If we plan it right, we’ll hike for 10 and have two rest days at some point — hopefully in adorable seaside towns. Our planning hasn’t developed that far yet. I do want to travel to the far part of the trail and end in St. John’s, so we have a city to enjoy when we are done. This seems to be the opposite of what the maps and internets suggest. Are we wrong already?!!!

This will be my longest hike EVER. While I feel more prepared than Cheryl was (and let’s face it: that’s not hard), I’m not that prepared!

So, experienced hikers, share your secrets! What do we need to know about hiking for that long? What should we eat? What gear do we need? What gear do we think we need, but don’t? Tell us everything!!!


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