June teaching schedule

Spring has sprung and that means time for me to rejuvenate and teach! While I keep myself busy working away at my next Distance Learning Project – The Wheel of Life (more on this project later) – I’m teaching more and more.

So here is my June teaching schedule. In addition to my Free Yoga with Jill! (which will be taught by a fellow LA trainee for the remainder of the month), I’m teaching more community classes at Moksha Yoga Downtown. And I’m on the official MYD teaching schedule!! Those two TBA classes on the studio schedule, ya that’s me!

I’m also teaching private classes or would be more than happy to arrange something if anyone is interested. If you’re new to yoga, I can take you on 1-on-1 (not like in basketball). Or get some friends together for a class and we’ll have a grand ol’ time. I promise!

In the past month I’ve also landed a part time job at the studio, hence the cancellation of Monday June 3rd’s Free Yoga with Jill! and why Krista (thanks, Krista!) is covering my freebies Monday evenings. But, as the studio prepares for the expansion, so will I! I’m bringing Free Yoga with Jill! back for July.

Come join me in the hot room! Because I officially made it on the Big Girl Schedule!

June calendar

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