New shoes!

New shoes! I hope they make me fast!

New shoes! I hope they make me fast!

It was raining after work today and I almost didn’t go to run club. Even as I put on my running gear and got on my bike, I thought about biking past the Eaton Centre, all the way home to warm pajamas. But then I saw a group of runners out there and knew if they could do it, so could I.

We did a quick and rainy loop through downtown, nothing special. A traveller from Engand who was visiting Canada and found the runnning group online was there. I forget his name already (Dennis or Danny or Darryl) but he kept the pace quick. We were done in 30 minutes, stretched and then I went home to warm pajamas.

And my new shoes were here!

I got the Newton Motion Stability Performancer Trainer because the brand came highly recommended and this particular model was the only Newton shoe Running Free (a Canadian minimalist running store) had in my size. (I have giant feet.) I had them on briefly in the house and they feel weird. It will be interesting to see how they work out.



The run: 5.8k in 30:46
The route:

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