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I had a downtown group run plan, but when a few people bowed out, JW and I decided to change the plan: we’d run the Brickworks trail instead, as he’s never done it. We met at Broadview station and headed out. JW had new shoes and I’m still easing back into things, so we took our time. The evening was perfect for running: sunny and warm, but not too warm.

We meandered through the trails and ended up behind the Brickworks, pathways I’ve walked but never ran. Eventually, we turned around and headed out to finish the Moore Ravine trail, then head back.

Then something happened to JW’s knee. It was subtle, but it meant our run was mostly over.

Still, it was good to get out and to run with JW — we’ve never gone out just the two of us. And the knee thing is probably related to his new orthodics and I’m hoping it’s not serious. We have a half-marathon to run in the fall, after all.



The run: 5.0k in 32:10
The route:

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