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I need these chairs in my life.

I need these chairs in my life.

It was a busy week in Balser-land, so there wasn’t a lot of fitness going on. I went to lunch time yoga on Wednesday, partied like a poet on Thursday (dancing in giant shoes counts as working out, right?) and was a little worse for wear on Friday. I had epic Saturday plans: get up early, run to the Brickworks, then go home and island it up with Matt.

Then I slept in until almost 11, which is crazy late for me. So I modified my plans and pounded out a mid-day 10k run before we went to the island. The run was hot and my knees hurt like hell. This is starting to scare me, so I’m going to book a physio appointment soon, just to be safe.

The island was insanely busy (probably because we’ve had so few nice days), but Matt and I are evil geniuses who know how to avoid the line (buy pre-paid tickets). We biked and biked and biked and biked and when we were ready to eat, we had a problem: our go-to island venues were closed for weddings. Oops. So we headed back to the mainland, got some beer and watched the Jays win.

I am suddenly very into baseball this summer. I love it. I cannot explain it.

Sunday was double market day in Leslieville (farmers and flea) and I planned to run the short 3k there in the Newtons. But it was pouring. Kendal and I braved the weather anyway, and I felt like a bad-ass buying produce in a downpour.

And that was the week. I race in 6 days. I want to make it through the 10k without getting even more injured, then I’m going to back off and focus on getting pain-free. It’s the right time to do it, as I don’t have any plans, race-wise, until the fall.



The run: 9.7k in 1:01:34
The route:

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