Lunch run

It was a busy week and I was getting antsy, so on Wednesday, I headed out for a quick lunch time loop in the Newtons to see how they roll. It was perfect mid-day running weather: sunny, but not too hot.

I headed down to the waterfront, where they are setting up for the Tall Ships festival. This was a mistake. Between the construction and the tourists and the set-up, I was dodging and weaving the entire time. At least I was near the water! My legs felts heavy and I couldn’t find a rhythm. I don’t know if it was my knee or my constant thinking about my knee. I’ve decided this is enough of this wish washy stuff. I’m booking a physio appointment and after my race on Saturday, giving up running for at least a week to fix this thing. Know a good therapist?



The run: 4.8k in 29:11
The route:

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