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Run club! Photo via @andiethefitgeek.

Run club! Photo via @andiethefitgeek.

I had Thursday evening free and wanted to get at least one more hard run in before the weekend race with JK, so I decided to go to run club and wear the Newtons. It was all regulars, so Andie decided we should head down to the waterfront. We did pretty much the exact same route I did solo the day before and we faced the same problems: construction, tourists and tall ships. But it was gorgeous weather-wise, and being by the water makes life better.

For the first half of the run, my knee was okay. I was aware of it, but it didn’t feel 100%. This changed around 3k — for the worse. It hurt. A lot. I powered through because I am an idiot, and couldn’t walk for the most of the night. It was all about ice, ice, baby, until bedtime.

I’m getting scared.



The run: 5.4k in 29:34
The route:

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