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Unrelated cat photo.

Unrelated cat photo.

After the race, I decided to take a few days off. This was because I wanted to protect my knee, but also because Toronto is now a rainforest, where it alternated between being insanely humid and insanely rainy. WHAT IS HAPPENING? And while I don’t mind working out in the rain, I hate working out in the humidity.

This is probably why I’ll never run a fall marathon. Running in humidity: Yuck yuck yuck.

However, this rest-up-be-happy plan backfired when on Tuesday morning, I was very, very grumpy. (Side note: my mom’s Brownie leader name was Grumpy Owl. Hilarious!) This probably had as much to do with the weather as it did with my lack of working out, so I decided to be a grown-up and deal with it. I went to lunch time yoga. It helped, for a while. But by the end of the day, I was grumpy, grumpy, grumpy again. Ugh. I think it’s my “month of fun” as much as it is the weather. I need purpose. I thrive on purpose. So once I got home, I went for a run, the purpose being seeing how messed up my knee is.

It was okay. Everything was sore and creaky, but nothing was scary. Then I got home and everything was better.

Exercise can be magical.



The run: 4.9k in 28:54
The route:


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