Run a marathon. Now it’s my turn!

So everyone (yes everyone!) knows about Erin and her journey to run the Blue Nose Marathon, which was just over a month ago how crazy is that?! This will forever be a super accomplishment! Anyone dedicated enough to put their body through that much work, pain, social separation, deserves all the praise possible. Yay, Erin, you did it! For all these reasons and more, I must run a marathon. If you followed the original “Let’s run a marathon together” story more closely, you may recall the plan was intended for Erin and I to train together and run the race. Together. That was until my Moksha Teacher Training got in the way and messed up my running plans completely. Oh well. You can’t do it all and I would not have it happen any other way. Erin ran a marathon first and I’m now a yoga teacher. It’s all good. With that aside, it’s officially my turn to run a full marathon this fall. And I just signed up for a summer marathon training clinic which means it’s really happening. For reals!

What have I done?!!

What have I done?!!

I love reminiscing about my summer of running and fundraising with Team In Training – it was pretty much a year to the day my half marathon training all began. But instead of doing the whole TNT thing all over again (once was more than enough, trust me) I conveniently discovered my teacher/mentor/hero Alice Toyonaga (aka. ChatterRunGirl) is hosting a marathon clinic with the Running Room this very summer. That means it was now or never. And knowing full well that I would not be able to take on the art of training and running on my own. No way! Who has the time or the interest? Not me that’s for sure. But put me in a setting were all of a sudden I’m accountable and people expect me to run, then by all means I will not disappoint. So I did it. I signed up for Alice’s Running Room Clinic — now I have to take this seriously — I just paid money for this. It was the only way. Either that or convince Cecilley to run a full marathon with me?… I picked the clinic.

The other fantastic plan I’ve devised is to make my marathon training one of my Moksha Teacher Distance Learning Projects. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do! How? I’m not entirely sure at the moment, but on top of my training and running and all of my other things, I’ve recently bought Brendan Brazier’s The Thrive Diet. I picked up a copy back in LA post training (thanks, Morgan!) and could not put it down. My project will combine my training with eating the Thrive Diet.

Here's hoping that Brendan and Vega will save me!

Here’s hoping that Brendan and Vega will save me!

But before I tackle the details of my next project, the very next step is to pick a race! Any suggestions for late September or early October marathon I could run? Tell me! Please.

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4 thoughts on “Run a marathon. Now it’s my turn!

  1. AM says:

    Hey Jill (I’m a friend of JK’s),

    I’m running the Hamilton Marathon, which is on November 3rd. I chose it because its downhill and not too big. I’ve heard that Toronto (a few weeks before) is good too! 🙂

    There’s also one in Prince Edward county that is supposed to be beautiful!


    • Jill says:

      Hello, Anne-Marie!

      Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve taken your advice and signed up for The County Marathon (the marathon in Prince Edward county). I would have done Hamilton or Scotiabank, but I won’t be in the country in late October… and may not be back for a while! I wanted to get this marathon business out of the way before I leave.

      Thanks again!

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