Jill’s Marathon Training Day #1: Running Room Clinic season opener



And so it begins. Or rather, should have began earlier this month. Already I’m behind with my training and I haven’t I even started yet. Good grief! I signed up for the marathon clinic as a way to make me run this summer. I didn’t really put much more thought into it other than that. That and I’ll be sending lots of time with Alice! But now I really should find a race to run to make this training worth my time. That part only makes sense.

Ever since the Blue Nose, I’ve been missing running. But I’ve been focused on yoga and teaching, adding running to the mix felt a little overwhelming. I told myself after the Blue Nose half I wouldn’t run again until our the Running Room clinic began. That was a mistake, as I’ve been feeling the need to run.

Last Thursday evening was our first official meet up. Alice and the other coaches (Chuck, Doug, and Jeffery) introduced themselves, told us all about the road ahead, and what to expect over the next 16 weeks. Then we went around the room and introduced ourselves. This clinic is a big group! But that’s cool. After the “Hi my name is” speeches we laced up our sneakers and ran. A quick little 6k out and back, but I felt like I hadn’t run in years! It was tough and I hated how slow I felt. I also need new shoes – just a side note. But Alice and I ran together for part of the way and talked about pace, a goal time, and my training. Of course I said I want to run a sub-4:00 marathon. This might be a little too ambitious. Or a lot. I’m going to train with the 4:15 pacers (as advised by Alice) after chatting with a few other runners it seems to be the lucky number 3 marathon where people break the sub 4 mark. Interesting… I better start planing number 2 and 3 now then.



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