Canada Day 10k

More Corktown Common goodness. Photo via @graphicmatt.

More Corktown Common goodness. Photo via @graphicmatt.

The weird thing about not training for a race is that now, more than ever, I’m running based on feel. What feels right, what feels enough. As someone who tends to punish myself with fitness, it’s disconcerting. I don’t think I like it.

Jill has recently decided to do a full marathon, so she needed to run on Monday. We both had Canada Day plans, so she came by around 9am. I wanted to show her the new park, then do a 10k loop to Cherry beach. It was a tough run. I couldn’t get into a rhythm and my knees weren’t happy with the longer distance. Towards the end, we finally got into ¬†groove. Jill took off a bit ahead of me and we both settled into our own paces, moving quickly along the Lake Shore.

We stretched in the new park (someone should set up a bootcamp here!) before headed home.

Now it’s July. My fitness goal is to do more yoga. Since my marathon, it’s been once a week at most. It’s not enough.

And that’s pretty much it. It’s summertime, after all. I have things to do sunshine to take in.



The run: 10k in 1:06:24
The route:

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3 thoughts on “Canada Day 10k

  1. Jk says:

    Maybe running based on how your feel is a good thing. Very yogic. Also quite Born to Run. Might be even better for your body.

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