The County Half-Marathon

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Once Jill chose her marathon and I realized she’d be there all by herself, a plan quickly formed in my head. Having mom, dad, Kendal and Jill there for my first marathon made it special. And, even though I signed up for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, I wasn’t excited by it.

So I signed up for the County Half-Marathon, too.

The route looks absolutely stunning and, if Jill and I time it right, I might be able to run with her for at least part of her second half. The half marathon begins at the halfway point of the full marathon 2 hours after the full marathon begins. If Jill’s hoping for a 4:15, it could work out.

This means that I’m running two half-marathons in two weeks in October, but I don’t care. I’ll run this one for fun. STWM can be where I go fast.

And with that, my fall race season has shaped up nicely:

September 22: Island Girl Half-Marathon Relay

October 6: County Half-Marathon

October 20: Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon

If my knee holds up, it’ll be a great season.



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