A week in review

My beloved Don River Trail, underwater. But better the river and highway than houses. (via @ivanvector)

My beloved Don River Trail, underwater.  (via @ivanvector)

What a week it’s been, eh? Let’s recap.

I took Friday off intentionally and Saturday off accidentally, as it was filled with other priorities. Since I’m not training for anything, this isn’t a big deal. On Sunday, Matt and I had to head out of town for a funeral, so I squeezed in a boot camp style 5k in the morning before we took off. It was humid, but since every day has been humid, I’m trying my best to not focus on that.

On Monday, I got in a 9am pre-funeral swim, which was lovely. I had also planned to get a quick run in after we returned to the city in the evening.

Those of you in Toronto know where this is going.

The torrential rain diverted us to Oakville because every one of our downtown highway options was flooded. We sat in Matt’s parents house in the dark for several hours, wondering if we should set up camp for the night. I took the dog for a walk, mostly because there was nothing else to do. Eventually, it cleared enough that we could drive to our house safely. Our house made it through the storm dry as a bone. We never even lost power. Which is weird, considering we live 500 feet from the Don River. We were lucky — and the beneficiaries of an excellent waterproofing job last summer.

Tuesday, the city was wet and I went to yoga at lunch. It was a speedy class, but I was tight and couldn’t do firelog to save my life. It was brutal. There’s a yogi lesson in there somewhere.

Wednesday morning I did a quick 5k and ran past my pal Nathan. We gave each other high fives. It as great. I don’t feel like I’m pushing myself enough fitness-wise these days, but it’s a delicate balance between staying healthy and getting fitter. A frustrating one, too.

And here we are, on Thursday morning.

I’m also getting bored of my yoga/run/yoga/run cycle, but don’t want to give any dollars to join a gym. Any suggestions?!


The run: 5.0k in 33:12
The route:

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