Jill’s Marathon Training Week #2


Team brunch after the long run. I was not there. So sad! But thanks to Koray for the picture!

Team brunch after the long run. I was not there. So sad! But thanks to Koray for the picture!

Oh, week two. It came and went and somehow, once again, I didn’t stick to the training schedule. I have a weekend job. This messes with my time to run, okay. I know shouldn’t be making any excuses, so instead I may have to juggle my days off and my long run day around a little bit. But if I learned anything from my half marathon training last summer, getting in the milage is super important. I was close this week. I really was!

After running with Erin on Monday, Tuesday would be my first 6k tempo run all on my every own. As luck would have it that day I went to the Bullfrog office and that day, the boys, also known as the Bullfrog Run Club, decided to run. And guess who got the invite? Me! And so I went. Their planed route was an 8k loop down to the water, then to Ontario Place and back. Meh, what’a extra 2k going to do to me, as Scott would say. It was a hot one, I felt good at times and struggled at times, but over all running at lunch is one of my favourite things about going to the office. I like that I’ll be able to count on the run club for my Tuesday runs.

I was feeling a little weary for Wednesday’s run – it was the first time I’ve run this many days in a row in a very long time. We were told by our coaches that Wednesday would be our time trial day to determine which pace groups we’d be divided into for our long runs. This makes sense, but I made me want to run fast! Even though we were told not to. Good thing to because this 10k felt long. I also need to buy a fuel belt and remember that training in the humidity is not easy. I finished in 57 minutes grouping me into the 4:15 pace group. That’s cool. Alice said this is the time I should train for. So I guess it all worked out accordingly.

On Thursday I practiced yoga. I did so on my own, which was okay, but I really wanted to take a class somewhere. I’m going to try to keep up my practice as much as possible, where and when possible, I know I’m going to need it. So I squeezed in a session before heading to our clinic meeting spot. Today we had a talk before the run about shoes. Having the right shoe on your foot is another very important part of training. I just bought new shoes the day before. And socks too! There will be no more blisters for me. So tonight’s run was all about trying my new kicks out and taking it easy. We ran a steady 8k, which felt much better than the night before.

My new shoes!

My new shoes!

Friday was our off day. And I did yoga! Saturday I didn’t get out to run. I know not good, but I did practice again and was full on ready and determined to make up for this run on Sunday. Which I did. I managed to get 8k in before work, but the 16k for the week’s long run is still missing. So I devised another plan and would run Monday evening after teaching the 6pm class at Moksha Downtown. Brilliant! But that plan crashed and burned when it began to pour. And thunder, and lightening!

When the storm hit and mass flooding was happening all over town, I decided against running (for obvious reasons) while stranded at the studio I decided to take a class instead. That was, until Anne called and I realized then I had bigger things to worry about — like my basement flooding! Clearly, I was not meant to run this day. Thanks Mother Nature, I got your message loud and clear.

Okay, so I promise week three I will get this training thing down pat. Third time’s a charm, right?


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