Yoga in the park


What: Yoga in the Park
When: Sunday @ 10am
Where: Trinity Bellwoods Park
Who: David Good

Every Sunday from 10-11, Lulu Lemon hosts a FREE yoga class in Trinity Bellwoods Park. I’ve been meaning to go all summer and on July 14, I finally did.

It’s a different teacher every week and this time it was David Good from Octopus Garden. (They have the teacher schedule on their Facebook page.) The weather was perfect, sunny and on the verge of a perfectly hot summer day. David led us through a quick moving classes, filled with lunges and flows. It was playful, fun and sped by very quickly.

There were a lot of people there, including kids and a few puppies. I was in a hanging-in-the-park kind of mood, so this added to my overall enjoyment of the class, but if you’re not a fan of dogs or kids, you’ve been warned. There was also A LOT of people inĀ attendanceĀ  but thankfully Trinity Bellwoods is huge, so there’s room for everyone. David did a good job of moving through the class and demonstrating the poses and he was miked (thank goodness) so even when I couldn’t see him, he was easy to hear. There’s water (bring your own mug) and mats if you don’t have one.

Overall, it’s a free yoga class in the park. That can’t be beat.

Take this class if: You want to do yoga in a park for free. Obviously.


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