Jill’s Marathon Training Week #4

I look super excited. It's probably because I'm not running!

I look super excited. It’s probably because I’m not running!

The unfamiliar stride of confidence from week 3 had me soaring into week 4. I had good intentions set and a great feeling of moral to get me going. I had the feeling of liking running back! Because holy when it’s gone, you forget how awful running can be. But it’s important to stay alert and not hold onto any strong feelings, either positive or negative. Notice what’s going on with each run and try to remove each experience from the other. Yes, they could be related – in terms of your emotional connection of feeling good or bad, or physically what you did the day before can affect your run the following day – but remember it’s not going to last forever. Ha! That’s easy say! This is the lesson week 3 taught me and this alone gave me hope that I can do, a least some of the training when required to do so, on my own. This week was one of those weeks. I did not see my running clinic friends or coaches or anyone at all for the entire week. I was left on my own because of conflicting evenings with work, planned personal outings, you know… blah blah blah. But run on my own I did. And for the most part it was okay.

After a great Sunday long run and yin practice, the following Sunday, I took Monday off. Completely! I taught a Free Yoga with Jill! class and that was all I had going. And you know what was kind of nice.

Tuesday was another hot day — story of our lives here in Toronto — but I managed to get myself out at lunch. I was at the office this day and the studio that evening so running at lunch was a must. I ran it on my own (it was definitely one of those What Would Scott Do? moments) and proudly got the 6k in I needed. That’s what counted. I even did yoga that evening. The stretching was a must!

According to my run schedule hill training was to begin this week. Oh goodness! Because my race is a couple weeks before Scotia my program is slightly different than most runners taking part in the clinic. The Running Room has an online scheduler where you input your preferred race of choice and it spits out a training program for you! It’s quite something. According to my training guide my long runs are a little longer and hills start sooner. I feel even more behind than when started. But Wednesday I got my butt out the door ran to Popular Plains and ran hills. Again, it wasn’t so bad. It was hot! But I was okay with that. It was also another day where yoga happened that evening. I’ve kept to my promise of practicing and I’ve been very good about keeping this promise – to keep up with my own practice. Working the desk at MYD four times a week means I have no excuse not to do yoga at least four times a week.

Thursday was a very special day. Anne and I had a date with three boys. That’s right three boys called the Jonas Brothers. And no I’m not ashamed to say it was a really fun evening. I am ashamed to say it meant I didn’t run. But! I finally had my yoga date with Scott. That counts for something right? Yoga combined with all the dancing Anne and I did… I’m going to say yes, yes it does count for something.

Which leads me to Friday and the weekend. I started the week off really well, but as it progressed my training digressed. I did get a run in Friday (to make up for not running on Thursday), I even did yoga too. Saturday I did yoga and didn’t run and Sunday I did run, just not quite far enough. Not far enough at all actually.

It’s probably a good thing I didn’t see anyone from the Running Room this week. Apparently Coach Chuck and Coach Doug gave the Thursday night talk about running the right mileage and why our long runs are maxed out at 32k. Oops. I am determined I will not let week 4’s downward spiral get me down. I was tired by the end of the week, but learning to separate my feelings of “I don’t want to run!” from “My body is too tired to run!” is another lesson I’m working on.

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