The first run back

Yes, that is a fancy new Garmin. Once I've used it more than once, I'll let you know how it is.

Yes, that is a fancy new Garmin. Once I’ve used it more than once, I’ll let you know how it is.

On Saturday evening, I went for my first run since returning from my hike and my first run in probably a month.

What didn’t hurt: my right knee (the one I jammed on the hike).

What did hurt: My left knee (the one that became a pain after my marathon), my second toe on my right foot, my right ankle, my glutes, my sacrum.


From a fitness perspective, I felt fine. My legs were strong and weren’t bothered by the running, despite how long it’s been. But from an overall health/injury perspective, I felt like a creaky old person. I know the hike did a number on my body and I’ll need to be patient. What was most frustrating, however, was for the runner’s knee to pop up so soon. How can I get that under control? I’m technically in training mode right now.

Which, upon consideration, is probably not the smartest thing.


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