Jill’s Marathon Training Week #8

So I made it. I’m officially at the half way mark. 16 weeks in total, 8 are now over! But with 8 more weeks of training still ahead I’m continuously have very conflicting views about my race. Somedays I feel so ready and great, but others not so much. Holy smokes, I was not prepared for this emotional roller coaster! But as I talked about before finding space and separation between runs (and all these emotions!) is finding my yoga in running. It’s not as easy as it sounds. This was one of those weeks where I really had to put it to the test.

Monday, like every Monday was my day off from running. I taught the morning 10am class at Moksha Downtown and had a friends birthday dinner to attend that evening (hi, Tiffany!). I was looking forward to this dinner party for weeks! Who says you can’t be social even when you’re training for a marathon? I’m sure am. But after my race we’ll see if that was wise of me or not… Following the dinner party, more than a few glasses of wine, and a sleepover with Tiffany later I managed to get myself out for the 6k run on Tuesday before any other evening out – this time with Cecilley. See, I still have a life. But again I may not be the best role model for running training – remember Around the Bay?

Wednesday is hill day the part of the week I dread the most! I’ve come to the conclusion I would rather run 30k than do any length of hill repeats. Hills are just not fun! Julie and I meet before the clinic to get this over with early on. With 6x600m ups and downs scheduled we met at our usual meeting spot at Bloor and Yonge ran to Poplar Plains, and yes we complained the entire time. But it’s so much more fun to have someone to complain with! And to run with. After the run Cecilley and I planed a yoga date because I realized I haven’t practiced in what felt like weeks! Although very untrue I needed some yoga. We went to the 8:30pm Hot Hour at Kula and sadly both walked away unsatisifed. As a new teacher I don’t like to complain about someone’s class, but poor Chrisi-an must have had something going one this day. The energy of class was weird and so was the intention set. Chirsti-an’s body language felt off and it made me feel awkward in my body and being on my mat. But this could very well be the running talking. Everyone has stuff going on, letting my practice be it’s own is a whole other part of the practice we all need to check into once in awhile. It was a good lesson for me as a student and a teacher.

Post hill training dinner! There's an almond flaxseed burger under all that black bean salsa! Yummy!

Post hill training dinner! There’s an almond flaxseed burger under all that black bean salsa! Yummy!

When Thursday rolled around I was wiped. I honestly thinking back to this day cannot for the life of me remember what went on, but I know I didn’t go to clinic. I was bad. And tired and probably grumpy. So I didn’t go, but I did run 6k on my own and struggled the entire time. This run was not fun. I made a promise to myself to stop skipping out on clinic I do think it was karma biting me in the ass. Friday I took the whole day off and Saturday I geared up for Sunday’s long run by practicing yoga. Rachael treated me so well during the 4pm vinyasa class and ended with legs up the wall, just for me! Thanks, Rachael! And no I didn’t run after that. I told you this was a tough week on both my mind and my body. Perhaps the late night socializing is catching up? Oh well…

When I woke up on Sunday I thought to myself I hadn’t slept in in forever. I needed rest and so I reset my alarm and fell back asleep. Knowing the group was only running 19k (ha! only running 19k, who says that?!) I knew full well I could go it alone. And so I did. I later woke feeling energized and ready. I ate a good breakfast then waited a full 2 hours to diegest – a big mistake I made during week 7 – grabbed my gels and water and headed out the door. I realized I just needed a break. A break from the group, a break from this Sunday routine I’ve fallen into, and a break from myself to stop thinking and just run. I planned a route out to the Don Valley Trail and back home and by the time it was over I felt great and happy about running. It was just the thing I needed to propel me forward past the half way training point. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

More homemade gels! Compliments of The Thrive Diet.

More homemade gels! Compliments of The Thrive Diet.

Running, it can be so crazy sometimes. Despite blisters on my poor little feet and the feeling of heaviness in my legs at times, I have to be very thankful this running thing isn’t wearing me down. Not completely that is!

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