Erin’s HM training, Days 3-5: Birthday overload


I share a birthday with two co-workers (and a co-worker’s husband), so on Wednesday we went to the island for an office-only birthday bonanza, and technically my second party of the week. Being at the island on a weeknight felt very decadent and I left filled with joy and contentment. The island is magic.

This also meant no exercise on Wednesday. And Thursday. I had my fingers crossed for some lunch time yoga on one of these days, but it didn’t happen. So on Friday morning, I got up and did 8k. I felt overwhelmed — we are going to the cottage for the long weekend and I had a bunch of stuff I needed to do in the morning in addition to running — but I forgot how therapeutic exercise can be.

I also spent the entire 8k obsessed on keeping my pace below 7:00. I did it. But if I want that sub 2:00 half, I’m going to need to get a lot faster. And soon.

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