Erin’s HM training, Day 6: Cottage cruising

Cottage dog.

Cottage dog.

We made it to the cottage late Friday night. It’s supposed to be grey and humid all weekend — a not-so-fun combination on all fronts.

I had an “easy 30 minute” run on the schedule for Saturday morning. I got up, ran gently and tried not to focus on anything expect running for 15 minutes, turning around and running back.

Then I jumped in the lake. Post-run swims are the best.

My body seems to be accepting the transition from hike-hike-hike to run-run-run. The twinges are still there, but they are less intense. Maybe they are getting better. Maybe I’m just getting used to them.

No Garmin data today — I somehow deleted it from my watch before uploading it. Oooops. 3.8k in 28:45.







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