Erin’s HM training, Day 7: Weekend warrior

The speck is me, trying to do yoga on a paddleboard.

The speck is me, trying to do yoga on a paddle board.

The meteorologists lied. The weather’s been great.

On Sunday, I had a long run on my schedule. It was originally 15k, but Andie scaled it back to 12k because of my knee issues. I decided to partially ignore her and planned to run 14k, but if things got bad, just walk. I headed out, grateful for my Garmin, and ran 7k, turned around and ran home. I didn’t push and did 10-and-1s. The left knee occasionally got twinge-y and the left calf got tight, but there was no out-and-out pain. This is beginning to sound like a familiar refrain.

Stretching. It’s magical.

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