Erin’s STWM training, Days 11-14: Ottawa

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Trips are fun, but three trips in 6 weeks is a lot. I’ve only had one weekend at home since before my hike and I’m exhausted.

Ottawa was good. On Thursday, I wanted to go to a real yoga class and not just do a podcast in my kitchen, but I decided I had too much to do before catching the train after work — finish cleaning and packing — so I opted not to go. This was probably for the best.

On Friday, I ran for 45 minutes in the morning along the Ottawa River. AM (thanks AM!) gave me a few running route suggestions and I wanted to get oriented. The paths in Ottawa are impressive: well signed, well maintained and busy, busy, busy. In the afternoon, Matt and I rented bikes and biked along the canal and Rideau River.

On Saturday, I had 15k to do. I decided to not worry about getting lost and just run the canal, but on the side we didn’t bike the day before. My calf was tight (surprise, surprise) so I took it easy. I finished feeling strong, 15.2k in 1:50:30. I need to run my long runs faster, I think.

Saturday night was the wedding and it was lovely. And no fitness whatsoever on Sunday. I didn’t get a chance to check out any yoga studios in Ottawa. Next time!

Back in the city now. I’m looking forward to a routine and life getting back to normal.

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2 thoughts on “Erin’s STWM training, Days 11-14: Ottawa

    • Erin says:

      So I’ve heard! I’m on the fence about a marathon in the spring, but if I do it, it will probably be Ottawa. Maybe Vancouver. We’ll see!

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