Erin’s STWM training. Days 17-20: Taking it easy

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I’m settling into a routine now: run, yoga, run, yoga, run.

On Wednesday, I did morning yoga.

On Thursday, I ran before work. When I left the house, it was raining, but by the time I was done, It was fine. 4.64km in 30:11.

On Friday, I did morning yoga.

On Saturday, I met my friend Kendal at St. Clair station and we ran the ravine to the Brickworks farmers’ market. It was a perfect fall day, sunny but crisp and cool. We took it easy and finished about 6.5k in 42 minutes. I forgot to turn my Garmin on until after we started running, but I let it slide. Kendal had a watch and kept track. My the end of the run, my calf was tight. I think I need to do more yoga.

That’s always the answer, isn’t it?

Next week, I have a free trial to the gym in my building, so I’m hoping to add some rowing and pilates to the mix. I think I could feel stronger, so I’m going to work on that.



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