Jill’s Marathon Training Week #11

Another week down, another week that was a fail (seriously, not another week!…). After taking on a new job I knew my life (and my training) would take a back seat, but I didn’t think it would to the point were I’d do nothing. At all! Okay, so this week I did get out for my long run – the longest run of my entire life! But it just didn’t feel complete. It was a tough one emotionally for me to grasp, full of heartache and despair (for reasons other then my lack of running). But good thing I was all kinds of work busy because I didn’t have too much time to dwell on it.

Ya, that smile is totally fake. I wanted to die.

Ya, that smile is totally fake. I wanted to die.

With Monday being a holiday, and failing to run the full 29k for week 10’s long run, I made plans with Jewels (yes, the Jewels from Jewels and the Holi-grams) to meet her for a quick run between her Monday morning classes. From the studio we ran down Bathurst through Fort York along King then to Jewel’s apartment for a grand total of 2.5k. It was just what Jewels wanted to get her going. I then stuck around for her 10am class. It was just what I needed. I spent the rest of my Monday not doing much of anything until going back to the studio to work and practice again. It was a good way to spend the last day of the long weekend.

Then the craziness of TIFF struck which meant little time for running, let alone even think about practicing. My week flew by and before I knew it, it was Thursday. I didn’t run Tuesday or Wednesday, missing a very hilly and very long route (sorry, Julie!). This was not a good thing at all. Somehow (by luck or by chance) my Thursday night was free and I managed to meet the clinic for the 8k familiar route to Cherry Beach and back. Lucky for Julie and I this run actually felt good. Nick, Julie’s boyfriend, joined us this evening (hi, Nick!) and now we’re convinced he’s the reason we ran fast.

Friday and Saturday passed in a blink of an eye – again no running or yoga took place. But knowing Sunday was the day I had to run 32k there was no stopping me from missing this run. Nothing! That was until I woke to a tireless bike. Why people steal I don’t know, but to steal someone’s mode of transportation is beyond me. I felt broke (and still do). With my back tire gone from my bike I wanted to cry. There was nothing I could do. But thankfully Julie said she’d wait for me at the store, I jumped on the streetcar and still made it in time. The run was awful. With my heavy heart weighing me down and the lack of running this week and the week before, my legs were tired. I was slowing down and fading fast. I had cramps in my tummy and felt uncomfortable for the majority of the run. But somehow I pulled myself together and got through it. Julie was a star this day. See her run like a champ kept me from stopping completely. But I did it. I’ve pasted the 30k mark and ran farther then I’ve ever have in my life. That’s something to be proud of, right? Despite the terrible training week. Once TIFF is over and my life is back in order I will stop making up excuses and run! With less then a month to go, what other option to I have?! None really.

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