Jill’s Marathon Training Week #12

So what was supposed to be a scale back week turned into a “where the hell are we, and how to we get home?!” kind of run. Julie and I completely lost our pace group and took a slight detour on our 23k route… one wrong turn, man. One wrong turn! But on the bright side (I guess) we now know where the Downsview Airport is.

We're so lost! Last spotted running along Downsview Subway station...

We’re so lost! Last spotted running along Downsview Subway station…

While my life during this week was still completely swamped with TIFF things I was (somehow) feeling good about running. Not for the whole entire week sadly. After the disastrous 32k run on Sunday I thought I will never run again. So Monday clearly I didn’t! This was a day off from movie festivities – I did have an event that evening – but I took full advantage of an afternoon off and went straight to Kula to wallow in my running sorrows. Tuesday was an actual full day off from movie things and parties. I met Julie to run a Tuesday evening run with the Running Rats. Some of you may have heard of these guys. Despite what people may say, these runners are fast! Our marathon coaches have always encouraged us to run with this group where a bunch of it’s members are in my clinic. It made sense I suppose. Julie has gone out with the Running Rats a few times now, I suppose I should give it a try. Having routes of different distances allows you to pick how far you want to go. Where is was Tuesday and Tuesday’s are 6k day, Julie and I opted for the 7k route. However, the route wasn’t to our liking… it was hot and humid and TIFF has taken over downtown! So no, running along Wellington to Queen St. W. to wherever in the west end of the entertainment district did not sound fun. In good ‘ol Jill and Julie fashion we made up our own route ran down to the waterfront trail then back to the store for a total of 8k. Yay us!! But little did we know karma would come to bite us in the ass later this week.

Wednesday was a bit of a downer day for me emotionally and being the baby that I felt like this day I didn’t run and I didn’t go to yoga. This did not up the situation. But Thursday I did get up and ran a 12k hilly route! I was beyond proud of myself not only because I did it, but also because I felt great! It rained on me the whole time and I totally didn’t care. Me and my legs were working together and booking it the whole it. It was wonderful. Again maybe a little break from the clinic and the demanding schedule I’m expecting of myself got a little overwhelming. I took some time for myself and practiced Thursday evening and Friday morning. Saturday I ran and practiced! It was a bit of a Color Me Rad / Penelope PR reunion. Jewels was teaching, Tiffany and I practiced, and Myles (hi, Myles!) played the guitar. It was super lovely. Live Music class are the best – look for them on the MYD new schedule. I will learn to teach to music. It will be grand!

Then came Sunday. As I said earlier this week was supposed to be a scale back week, but clearly that did not happen for poor Julie and I. I was a little disappointed when we arrived to clinic to find out the 4:30 did not have a pace leader. So Julie and I decided to go with the 4:15 and drop back if necessary. Well dropping back if necessary would have been nice.

See for yourself. Please tell me this route is not that easy to find your way around! Or is it just me?

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 6.43.32 PM

The clinic took off, as usual, on a route through to Cedarvale Park where the Terry Fox Run was taking place. I am totally familiar with this route and love running it, but not during another race! It was crowded and people did not seem impressed with us running in the opposite direction – but quite frankly I wouldn’t have been either – but wherever it was that we finally exited the park, well that’s when I was running on unfamiliar territory. With the 4:15 group still in sight, and the 4:30 gone from us completely Julie and I had a bit of a sense of where we were going. But then we lost them! The 4:15 group completely disappeared from view and we had no idea how! Did they pick up the pace that quickly? Serioulsy?! So Julie and I were left to fend for ourselves, with a tiny map in hand we managed to navigate our way though the industrial parts of very north Toronto to Duffern Street. As we were supposed to. It was there the mist up happened. But let me reiterate, Julie and I were alone! Alone left to fend for ourselves and still super confused as to where the 4:15ers went.

Long story short Duffern Street does eventually end… at Downsview Airport! I know. I’m not entirely sure how Julie and I didn’t realize we were going in the wrong direction sooner, but when you’re running that far north in an area that is not, well, Toronto, I’d say it’s easy to get ridiculously lost! It was Julie’s phone and Google Maps that helped get us home, otherwise we’d probably still be running… I kid you not.

An epic run of this nature called for some serious pancakes and lots of coffee. But perhaps something a little stronger could have aided the situation even more.



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