Erin’s STWM training, Days 28-33

The construction near my house is never-ending. Photo by graphicmatt

The construction near my house is never-ending. Photo by graphicmatt

No posts this week! Sorry! It’s officially the fall season at work and there’s so much to do!

Here’s what I did this week, fitness-wise:

Monday: 20 minutes of yoga in my kitchen. I did a hatha flow class and it felt good to give my body a good stretch after the race.

Tuesday: 20 minutes of power yoga in my kitchen in the morning. It was a level 2 class and I found it difficult to follow the instructions for some of the more advanced poses, like Bird’s of Paradise. But it was nice to work up a sweat in 20 minutes. After work, I did an 8k tempo run. It took 45:37, which is pretty fast, but I stopped at a million lights.

Wednesday: Yoga for runners in my kitchen. This training cycle has been all about my quads. They are so tight and sore and I don’t know what’s up.

Thursday: Gentle kitchen yoga in the morning, speedwork after work. I did a 5k pick-up run. This run kicked my ass. My splits were 4:22, 5:15, 5:09, 5:02 and 4:44. The first one seems like a giant lie, though. I don’t know what went on there.

Friday: I did nothing. Unless you count catching a cold as doing something.

Saturday: I did a easy 30 minute run that felt sloggy and slow. I was still stuffed up and headachy from this cold I acquired, but I think the fresh air and exercise helped a bit.

Only the long run left this week!

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