Jill’s Marathon Training Week #13

Oh goodness, my marathon is weeks away. Weeks! And with all the training and running I’ve been doing you’d think I’d feel somewhat ready. This is not the case. Well some days it is and other days it is not. Although my epic long run with Julie – ya the run were we ran to Downsview – actually went really well, but there are just so many runs I keep thinking about where I didn’t run or skipped out and did something else. I’m starting to worry those decisions are going to come back to haunt me come race day. I haven’t gotten enough long runs in, didn’t do enough hill training, nor have I run any sprints. Oh goodness October 6th could be terrible.

Morning sunrise from the Beaches. So pretty!

Morning sunrise from the Beaches. So pretty!

So Monday, like most Mondays during training, was spent doing yoga. I taught the morning community class, stayed and practiced, then came back that evening to work the desk, then practiced again because I always take the 9:45pm class on Monday. Tuesday I taught again and practiced that evening. Alice was teaching I had to practice! But it was another day I didn’t run. Of course. Wednesday I met Julia – she was in a “I need to go for a run mood” just as bad as I was – we ran a quick little 3k around Trinity Bellwoods before her class and I ended up teaching again at MYD this day! Thursday was Running Room Clinic night and thank goodness I did make it to the run, this night I actually ran fast! And felt good about it. It’s those moments when you feel like a hope is lost, then all of a sudden you gain a burst of endurance and take off. This is exactly what happened and it was so great. I needed a good run knowing Erin and I had the Island Girl Relay to run on Sunday. We had a goal in mind placing in the top 10 and perhaps a podium finish? Ha! Or not.

Friday I had a date with Marianne to go SUPing one last time before the season ended. We drove out to the Beaches for our last paddle with Jennifer and caught one more sunrise for last time. It was another beautiful morning. Afterward we headed back to the studio and I took the 10am class. Yes, I am yoga obsessed. When Saturday rolled around I took a break from the heat and went to Kula instead for a hour flow class. It was lovely.

Sunday was race day! Erin recapped her leg of the race, and mine is to follow. The race was great – how can you not have fun running on the Island? I, sadly, wasn’t as fast as last year, but I had bigger things to worry about like not running 30k. Alice told me to not run the race at race pace and to add on afterward. But Erin and I needed to have post race brunch together, and then I had to meet Cecilley to attend the Go Global Expo (we are leaving on a very big and long trip!) and then I had to work! Adding on was not happening. So I accepted that fact and tried to recalculate my milage for week 14 and figure out how I was going to squeeze in an extra 20k. Squeezing in an extra 20k come on! This is not normal.

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