Jill’s Marathon Training Week #14

Last long run with the Running Room ever! My Sundays will never be the same!

Last long run with the Running Room ever! My Sundays will never be the same!

At week 15 I knew my training days were numbered. I had exactly two weeks left till The County Marathon. At this point all hope felt lost. My short runs, and even the long ones, didn’t seem worth it anymore. All I wanted was for this stupid race to happen and be over with! I was getting really anxious for my marathon, but at the same time I wanted to find a way to actually enjoy it. But how? Running 42.2k can’t be enjoyable?! Or can it? Erin seemed to really enjoy her first marathon so maybe it is possible. I’m sure there will be good moments and bad ones too, but running for that length of time your mind and emotions are bound to change, like every kilometre that’s my guess.

On top of all that is going on – in addition to my race – I was also packing to move out of my apartment for the end of the month and trying to get my personal life sorted out. With the wild summer that was, I was in for a much needed break! I’m attending another yoga retreat (this time in Bali!) with Jackie and Julia and have decided to stay in Bali for quite sometime. Cecilley will be coming with me! So have no fear for me I will not be alone on this giant travel I have planned. Which brings me to Monday – Monday was a packing day. Oh, I hate moving and packing with a passion. And I’m so bad at it! But thankfully Cecilley is not and knew where to step in and help me stay on track. Monday I also practiced yoga, clearly I had to more than once!

Because Monday was a total write off for moving/working purposes I made Tuesday the day I would add on the extra milage I didn’t do in week 13 after The Island Girl Relay. As bad of a marathon trainer I’ve been, when Alice tells me to do something I try and do it. Her instructions for this week were to begin tapering and start dropping down. But I needed another long run under my belt first! And the 27k I did alone seemed to help my moral. Wednesday was another day of doing a whole lot of packing and not a lot of running, but I was okay with taking a rest day. I did run really far the day before. When Thursday rolled around I promised myself I would go to the Running Room clinic, which I did and ran a solo 8k. But it was the talk before the run that really peeked my interest. Liz, a running blogger and marathon runner, battled with weight issues her whole life and shared her story with all of us and how running changed her idea of heath and wellbeing. I really enjoyed it!

This is Liz talking to our marathon group. She is great!

This is Liz talking to our marathon group. She is great!

Friday was a full day of yoga for me – both teaching and practicing – I taught two classes and took two classes. I needed to get something done because Saturday was going to be another write off from running. Cecilley and I planned a giant yard sale to sell all of my things before moving out. It was actually a pretty great afternoon. Then Sunday I woke up early to run the Sunday long run with the Running Room. This would be my very last before my marathon! I know Alice said to taper, but I couldn’t help myself. I needed to know I had another 32k in me before the marathon. I didn’t get the 36k training run in (way, way back when) and it was stressing me out. So I let myself run the 32k and didn’t even care. I knew what I needed to do. But holy moly it was long! This run literally took forever, but the good thing about it, it wasn’t terrible.

So 32k was tapering for me this week and I didn’t run much more other then that. Sorry Alice, this was bad. But I needed to run with Julie and my 4:30 pace ladies one last time.

I will miss you all 4:30’s. It’s been fun!

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