Eat. Pray. Love. (Fitness) Adventure.

We arrived in Bali!

We arrived in Bali!

Wow, my brain and life have been on warp speed since god only knows, to say the least. It feels like this anyway. Really, it all started back in August when my life took a dramatic turn – I lost my part-time job, discovered mold in my apartment, was struggling to find some kind of balance between my desk duties and teaching at MYD, and found myself struggling personally on a number of different levels. To say the least I was stressed. Stressed out with so many things. But oddly enough it was my marathon traning that kept me sane. Marathon training and Cecilly.

See Cecilley and I signed up for another retreat with Jackie many months ago, but this time we were going to Bali! I offered to help Jackie and Julia with the organizing and planning of the excursions for this retreat, therefore I had to go! But both of us were in need of some serious balance at this point in our lives. Little did I know then exactly how much balance I really needed. It was after all the above series of events unravelled when I really felt stuck. I needed a serious change. It was then that Cecilley and I decided to pack our bags and book a one way ticket to Bali. She quit her job, I left the studio (but on a temporary bases) we now had nothing holding us back! It was time to leave the comfort of Toronto and see the world! I have never done any extensive traveling in my life, this is a huge first for me (and for her!).

So hello from Bali! And sorry for the lack of posts on my behalf! Thankfully in my absence Erin has been keeping busy while I’ve been busy planning my next whereabouts. But I promise to keep you all in the loop of my traveling, working, and trying to find ways to be healthy and fit abroad. Right now I am settled in Ubud, Bali for a month. To fill you in on the Bali portion to our travel plan, Cecilley and I will be WWOOFing on an organic farm and plan on making a visit to the greenest school in the whole world, The Green School.

Now that I have a much better understanding of what brings me balance (running being one very important thing, more on this later) I feel better about so many things. One being a better blogger!

3 thoughts on “Eat. Pray. Love. (Fitness) Adventure.

  1. Janet says:

    So exciting! I’m really looking forward to hearing all about your adventures, though I know it will almost certainly give me a massive travel bug.

    Be sure to take lots of photos!

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