Erin’s Advent challenge, day #1: gratitude flow

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December 1 marked the beginning of the month, and the beginning of my challenge. It also marked the day my sister Anne moved out of my basement and into her own apartment. My original plan was to go for a run before we got the van to lug her stuff across the city, but I woke up to rain. Yucky wet, cold rain. So instead, I spent a few hours helping her move, then did the Yoga Download 60 minute Gratitude Flow class in the evening.

It was the first time I had done a video class from Yoga Download. I found myself too focused on checking the video to make sure I was doing things right and not trusting myself enough. This class was okay — it has a lot of weird flows that my hip didn’t like. But it was good to get 60 minutes of yoga in on a very busy day.



One thought on “Erin’s Advent challenge, day #1: gratitude flow

  1. Andrea says:

    Interesting feedback on that class. I haven’t tried that one but recently downloaded a couple of video classes for the first time (Hip Opening Extravaganza and Hips, Heart and Hamstrings) and find that I prefer the audio classes.

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