Erin’s Marathon Training Day 1

And so it begins. The countdown to May 25 is on. Andie sent me my training plan today. I’m nervous about this week. It’s supposed to be freezing. That doesn’t scare me, but the icy sidewalks do. Combine that with the fact I still have a bit of a cough and sniffle means I’m coming into this out-of-shape and not at 100%. It will be an interesting challenge.

Luckily, yesterday — Day 1 — was a day of rest. Rest I can do.

We’ll see about the rest of it. This week, I have 6 workouts:

1. ladder speedwork

2. cross-training

3.  45 minute run

4. speedwork

5. cross-training

6. 13k LSD

I’m planning to do daily blog updates as per my usual training cycles, so stay tuned!



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