Erin’s Marathon Training Day 2

I still bike-commuted, though. So I wasn't a complete wimp.

I still bike-commuted, though. So I wasn’t a complete wimp.

I was supposed to do speedwork yesterday, but the crappy Toronto weather led me to flipping my cross-training and my run. I’ll have to run in sub-zero temperatures along icy sidewalks soon, don’t worry! I also didn’t want to go outside again once I got home, so I put on the 45 minute Vinyasa Power Flow class from YogaDownload.

I haven’t done yoga since before I got sick. And oh, did I ever feel it. Every movement hurt and I popped and tweaked with even the simplest of movements. It’s amazing how much tension your body can build up — and how easy it is to ignore when you’ve got other things to deal with. It’s the morning after and my shoulders are sore. This is not a good sign.

So, first workout down. I feel like a schmuck having cheated on the first week of training but 1) it’s the first week of training and 2) we’re dealing with a POLAR VORTEX. What the hell?




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