Erin’s Ottawa Marathon Training Days 5,6 & 7

Oh how I hate fitness selfies. This attitude proves I am too old for the internet.

Oh how I hate fitness selfies. This attitude proves I am too old for the internet.

It’s the freaking weekend, people. Or, more accurately, it was. I endured ice and snow and slush and a sore throat and a hacking cough to bring you this fitness update.

Friday: My throat hurt like a mother. It was supposed to be cross-training day, but since I am terrified of relapsing into bronchitis hell, I went home instead. I think I went to be at 9pm. I win at life.

Saturday: Kendal and I made a running date, but she, too, is sick. We downgraded our planned 8k to 5k when we realized how much melting snow and ice we’d have to face — and to protect ourselves from further illness. We chose a tricky route that wasn’t clear, so we ended up bailing on our running plans all together and went straight for coffee. I was going to then get groceries and take the TTC home, but partway to the store, guilt overcame me and I decided to run to the farther store and then walk home. I didn’t turn on my Garmin for this run, so let’s just say I got the 5k in. It was probably closer to 3k, though. Don’t tell!

Sunday: I was supposed to run with another friend, but illness stuck them down as well! I ended up doing my 13k solo, which was fine. I chose a boring, through downtown route in an effort to stick to clear sidewalks. Andie and I are working my me moving away from 10-and-1s, so I did 20-and-1s this run. I took it slow, with the occasional punch of energy. I also made a pit stop at the Running Room to get a new handheld water bottle and a Clif Gel. 2014 is the year I will become friends with gels. My knee hurt a bit during the run and my back hurt a lot after, but I am confident this can be chalked up from going 0-to-100 on marathon training. I’ll ice, stretch and keep you updated.

So, for my first week of training, I missed one workout (a cross-training session) and didn’t really do either speed workout. But it’s week one. The elements were against me.

Let’s hope week 2 is better!

2 thoughts on “Erin’s Ottawa Marathon Training Days 5,6 & 7

  1. AR says:

    Good for you for running in the ice/snow and sticking with it! My ATB training is going TERRIBLY. I’ve been out sick for 1.5 weeks so I’m hoping to rebound soon and really ramp it up! Ugg. We should definitely try to meet up at ATB. 🙂


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