Erin’s Ottawa Marathon Training Day 16


Yesterday, it was -24 in Toronto. But I didn’t want to screw up my training plan three weeks in a row. So I ran.

Here’s what happens when you run in -24 weather:

1. Your water bottle freezes.

2. But it will leak before it freezes and drip all over your thigh. That’s okay, though, because you don’t get wet: it will freeze and you will run with ice on your leg.

3. You will weather 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of tights and 4 tops.

4. Your snot will get all over your face mask. And then this snot will freeze.

5. Your eyes will water. And then this water will freeze on your eyelashes.


Other than the water bottle issue, I think it went a-okay. I was supposed to run for 60 minutes, but after I assessed the amount of ice on my body, I cut it short after 40 minutes. Keeping all my appendages beats getting an extra 20 minutes of running in.

One thought on “Erin’s Ottawa Marathon Training Day 16

  1. eastcoastconnection says:

    Are you preping for the Antarctic Marathon? Remember the Scott Expedition.You look like You sort of look like a running ninja. Your observations on the pitfalls of -24 running were funny. If kids still played outside they would give you a ringing endorsement.

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