Erin’s Ottawa Marathon Training Days 20 & 21

This weekend was cold and snowy. I ran anyway.

Saturday: In an effort to add more cross-training/strength training to my schedule. I went to Core Hour at Kula in the morning with my friend Allegra. It was hard, but not impossible, but I did learn I rely on my hip flexors too much. I need to work on my core strength! It felt good to mix up the yoga, though, and practice in a real studio. It’s been too long.

In the afternoon, I put on the YakTrax and hit the trail. The plan was to increase my speed every few minutes and I tried my very best to do so. It’s just harder to maintain a certain pace when running over ice. In the end, my pacing was nothing to be proud of, but the effort was there.


Sunday: Sunday was long run day! I put it off for so long that I ended up having to go out during the afternoon flurries. The sidewalks were pretty slippery. It was windy and cold. I have no highlights to report for this run, other than the fact I finished it.

I think I complain about running too much right now. This is not good. I need to work on my positivity as much as I do my pacing.

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