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I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions and words of the year. The beginning of the year is a time for change and to do all these things, but I’ve always found making a resolution — and sticking to it for an entire year — to be overwhelming. Same goes for a “30 by 30” list, which I made and never shared.

I’ve been toying with the idea of setting monthly goals and, in Word-of-the-Year style, choosing a word to guide me throughout each month. In January, I had the word “restore” in the back of my mind: restoring my health, my marathon training, my schedule. But I didn’t put it on this blog and didn’t articulate it to anyone. Partly because I was unsure if it was a good idea, and partly because my Advent Fitness Challenge failed so miserably. I was reluctant to put any sort of goals beyond my marathon out there, in case I failed (again) and had to explain why (again).

But screw that. This is why people have fitness blogs, right? To set goals, share goals and discuss what it takes to achieve them, and what it means to succeed or fail.

So here it goes. This month, I will choose a word to frame my efforts. And I will set a few goals. Vague resolutions (be happier, be kinder) are tough to execute and tough to measure, so these goals will be specific and executable. I’m good at “run this race in XX:XX.” I’m bad at “be a happier, kinder person.” So let’s play to my strengths.

If it works in February, I’ll give it a go for March. As soon as it doesn’t work, I’m done.

February’s word: Work.

Why work? It’s time to step up. There are two freelance projects I have neglected since 2014 began (for obvious reasons: working double shifts means that LAST thing I want to do at home is work some more). I have some personal things I need to complete. I have a new boss and want to work hard to show her I’m passionate about what I do. And I want to put the extra effort into my marathon training. January was a good starting point, but if I learned anything from week 4 of training is that I need to step up my game if sub-4:00 is even going to be a possibility.

There’s a difference between working hard and working a lot. In January, I worked a lot. February will be about working hard.

My goals for February:

1. Plank every day.

I planked this morning, when I decided to make this goal a goal. It seems straightforward enough: I can do it any time, anywhere, and it will help my core, which will help my running. I’m going to start at a minute and work my way up.

2. Go to the gym once a week.

I have built 2 gym trips into my schedule this week. If I go once, I will consider this a victory. This will be my plan all February. Let’s see how dedicated I can be.

3. Finish those two freelance projects.

I don’t really want to talk about them here, but I have two proposals I need to write. Let’s finally write them.

4. Go skating.

I’m putting this down, because I really want to go skating but have yet to have found the time to do so. An excuse, I know. But if I put it down here, it’s more likely to happen. Right?

5. Go swimming.

This goal is contingent on the St. Lawrence pool getting fixed. Go swimming. Just once. And then build from there.

Okay, that’s my plan for February! In addition to my regular marathon training, of course! What about you? Have any goals for this month?!

One thought on “Erin’s February

  1. JK says:

    I’m really enjoying quarterly goals so far. They’re shorter term than a year, but it gives you a good window to achieve them in. But I’m only in Q1 so we’ll see.

    I think your goals are solid. I would like to add: play squash with JK. (I think we should aim for twice a month)

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