Erin’s Ottawa Marathon Training Day 29

First things first: I registered for the NYC Marathon lottery. AHHHH! $11 gets you on the lottery list. I find out in March if I get in. I am not expecting to. I heard, somewhere, that last year’s lottery success rate was like 11%! That’s insane. But I’m thinking long-term with this. I want to run the NYC Marathon one day. The more times I register for the lottery, the more chances I will get.

I have to look at that way. Because running two marathons in a single year, at this point in my life, seems like a ridiculous goal.

Anyone else sign up for the lottery?

Let’s look at the workouts I did on Tuesday.


In the morning, I went to the gym and did a 30 minute Nike Training Club Get Strength workout. I can’t remember which one, but it had fewer squats and more variety than the last one I tried. I also finished faster, but not fast enough to get much more in, so I hopped on the rowing machine for 5 minutes. I worked up a decent sweat and was high on endorphins as I walked to work.

After work, I ran home. I had an easy 45 on the schedule and Tuesday night seemed like a good time to do it. I had a community meeting at 7, so I ran straight from work to the meeting. This workout wasn’t as fun. I had an intense day at work and sorting it all out in my head took a lot of my focus and energy. That, and I’m still not used to two-a-days.

I want my workouts to be therapeutic. I also want to be a better employee. Given February’s theme, it’s certainly the time to work on both of these goals.



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