Erin’s Ottawa Marathon Training Days 30-32


The Olympics are here! I love the Olympics and all the weird sports I know nothing about. Slopestyle is my new favourite thing.

Since it’s been a few days, let’s catch up on this week so far.

Wednesday: I did a quickie yoga session in the kitchen while waiting for coffee in the morning. It was 15 minutes, hardly enough to count as a workout. In the evening, I headed to Monarch Park stadium to do my 8×400 workout. It was nice to be inside on this cold and snowy day. I found this workout to be a tough one — I haven’t done 400 splits since my last marathon training. This is how they were:


These seem comparable to my splits in my training last year. Getting under 1:45 is the next step.

Thursday: I had big plans, remember? Another double day! Weellll….I did nothing. I woke up sore and exhausted so gave myself some extra sleep time. After work, it was still snowy and I ended up at work later than I wanted to be, which meant I couldn’t squeeze a run in before meeting up with some friends to go to First Thursday at the AGO (fun!!). So Thursday was a rest day. I’m okay with that.

Friday: The late night meant getting up early this way wasn’t going to happen. I always under estimate the amount of sleep I need. No morning workout. Worked too much and didn’t have enough time to run before we had guests over. I cranked out a 30 minute power yoga/ab workout in my kitchen, so this day wasn’t a total loss.

The weekend will mean plenty of fitness. It always does. I learned a good lesson this week about overestimating things, underestimating other things and trying to fit in so much working out alongside so much work and so much social time. Basically: I am not a robot. Sometimes I wish it were so…



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