Erin’s much-needed update

So I took a blogging break. I did for a whole bunch of reasons — running wasn’t inspiring me, work was overloaded and I was unsure what blogging about my workouts was doing for me. I even stopped updating DailyMile in an effort to think about what online tools were really working for me — and which ones I didn’t care about. Running is getting better and work is slowing down. So it’s that third one I still need to think about some more. I’ve also come to the realization that the best running blogs, blogs I like, have a ridiculous amount of photos and selfies. This is something I am terrible at and do not like doing. So I need to think about that element of this whole blogging thing for a little while.

Meanwhile, stuff has happened. Let’s put it out there.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 11.04.56 AM

1. I ran Around the Bay in 2:59:15.

I really wanted to break 3 hours, and I did. I was convinced it wouldn’t happen, because my training hasn’t been as diligent as it was last winter. But I am a better runner than I was a year ago and I am doing a lot more speedwork, so it looked like it paid off. The course was different this year, with the first 10k being hillier and more boring than last year’s. I like it less, but what can you do? The weather was perfect and my pacing wasn’t bad. This is a PR by 8:30 on a course that’s arguably more difficult. Can’t complain about that. I had to book it for the final kilometre to reach my goal, but I did! Hooray for that!


2. I ran Around the Bay in borrowed gear.

Matt and I went on vacation the week before ATB. The plan was to go straight to his parents’ house from the airport, because they live closer to Hamilton than we do, and his mom and uncle were running ATB too. Wins all around! Except….the airline lost our luggage. In it was all my running gear, except my shoes and Garmin (which were in my carry-on). I was wearing a sports bra and Lulu leggings, which could be used for the race. I had to borrow the following:

  • hat
  • water bottle
  • short sleeve top
  • long sleeve top
  • socks
  • fuel
  • ipod
  • gloves

It all worked out, since Matt’s mom is a hard-core runner. I was most worried about the socks, but I finished blister-free. Hooray for that! Oh, and we got our luggage back 3 days later.


3. March Madness was AMAZING this year.

5 games in the first round went into overtime. Almost every game I watched was decided in 5 points or less. NCAA March Madness is the most perfect tournament. I only wish someone would broadcast the women’s games in Canada. Even just the Final Four.


4. I am learning to not hate the treadmill.

I don’t love it. But I can use it. I find it’s especially useful for speedwork or tempo runs — you can set the pace to exactly what is expected of you. And it’s enabled me to get these workouts done in the morning, at the gym, instead of building a trip to Monarch stadium in the evening into my day, which is a huge bonus.


5. The Raptors are the best.

This was the first year I followed the Raptors closely. I picked the right year to do so! They are a tough, gritty, imperfect team that is a bright light in Toronto’s professional sports. (It looks like Toronto FC is going to be the other one this year! Finally!) I am also understanding sport fandom culture in a new, weird way: it’s so much fun to debrief about the games with my co-workers who are also Raptors followers. (Now, when will Toronto get a WNBA team? I think we could support one.)


Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 10.54.25 AM

6. I got into the NYC Marathon.

I signed up on a whim after I read on a blog that lottery registration was open. I knew it was ridiculously hard to be accepted this way, and figured I’d just sign up every year and I’d get in sometime in the next decade. I did NOT expect to get in on my very first try.

So on November 2, 2014, I will run the largest marathon in the world. It’s going to be insane.

I have decided my only plan for this race is to be fit enough to enjoy the whole thing. I don’t want a time goal to detract from this experience.

With that in mind, I need to get my ass in gear for Ottawa, because it’ll be a hell of a lot easier to not care about my time in NYC if I get a great time in Ottawa. I feel like sub 4:00 is an aggressive, but doable, goal.

So that’s what’s been going on in my life, running-wise and sport-wise. The yoga has taken a huge step back, priority wise. But now that work is slowing down, it is spring and the vacation is out of the way, I can re-prioritize accordingly. Yoga, blogging, gardening, sunshine.

It’s going to be a good spring.




4 thoughts on “Erin’s much-needed update

  1. Kristi says:

    Looks like we are on a similar path this spring. I too just did ATB – my first one – and am now thinking of doing the Ottawa Marathon. I currently have a half marathon bib for that race (the half is my favourite distance) but part of me is thinking if I just managed a 30k race (in 3:04) maybe I should take advantage of the race’s bib market and get a full bib instead. I tried my first marathon in the fall in your neck of the woods – the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Can’t say I am much of a marathon runner but maybe it would be good to try one more.

    • Erin says:

      Do it! The Toronto marathon isn’t the best, I think the route is boring. I’ve only heard amazing things about Ottawa, which I am excited about because, man oh man, I am sick of running right now. Hooray for spring, hopefully the weather makes me feel more positive about it!

      • Kristi says:

        You will love Ottawa Race Weekend! I have not done the marathon there but I have done all the other distances. This year in particular should be fun since it is an anniversary year. Did you see the Ottawa marathon medal on display at ATB expo? Very nice 🙂
        BTW, last year I made it into the NYC Half Marathon on my first lottery try. Loved that race, I’m sure the marathon will be amazing.

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