Monday: The first run back.

This week is the first week I plan to back into fitness in a regular way. My plan is to alternate between running without any pressure and the Nike fitness app workouts. I’m also going to do a daily 10-minute ab session – core strength FTW!

This was my first run back post-marathon. I put on my Garmin but put no pressure on myself. I wanted to run for 30ish minutes at a pace that felt comfortable – and that’s exactly what I did. The legs felt heavy and my right knee was a bit sore (which is weird because that is NOT the knee that caused my marathon pain), but overall it was a good first run back!

In the evening, I played softball. After 1.5 seasons, I am no longer completely terrified of the ball coming my way. It had stormed prior to the game and was still drizzling when we started the first inning, but we still played. We are hardcore like that.

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