And so it begins: NYC Marathon training

I was in Nova Scotia for a week, to see the parents (and Jill!) and go to a wedding. The plan was always for NYC Marathon training to start the day I got back.

I got back today. I didn’t workout today. It was a travel day. Bad planning on my part.

But tomorrow morning, it will begin.

The plan is the same as before: 7 workouts a week – speedwork, tempo run, regular run, long run and 2 cross-training sessions. There are a few changes this time, though:

1. I’m going to track my cross-training for my coach.

I was okay at doing my cross-training regularly without oversight until I got sick and unmotivated for Ottawa. Guilt is a big motivator for me and knowing that if I don’t do these workouts I have to tell my coach means I’m more likely to do them.

2. We are going to base my long runs on time and pace, not distance.

I don’t understand why, but I’m going to truth the coach.

3. I’m not going to abandon blogging because I feel unmotivated and grumpy about running.

I think this one will be the hardest of all.


Tomorrow, I will double up on workouts. Don’t want to be a bad student this early on in my training cycle.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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