NYC Marathon Training Week #1 – Tuesday

I need to double up twice this week and I had big plans to do that today – cross-train in the morning, softball after work, and then run home from softball. A series of unfortunate events thwarted my plans (I was unable to secure a running commute bag and was not into running a 6k pick-up run holding a softball mitt) so there were only two work-outs on the docket today.

In the morning, I swam. For 30 minutes, I alternated between 2 laps of freestyle and two laps with the kick board. I have a tendency to look forward when I freestyle, which bunches my neck. Gotta work on that.

In the evening, we played softball. It was unremarkable, but I am enjoying playing the same position (right field) every game. It gives me more time to understand the flow and build confidence in my game.

That’s two days down. And I still need to actually run. That’s tomorrow.

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