NYC Marathon Training Week #1 – Thursday

I had big plans to double up workouts today. I did a “morning flow” podcast in the morning. I had originally wanted to do a Nike Training Camp workout, but my legs felt dead, so I opted not too.

After work, I was going to do speedwork. But I ┬ácame home with still-dead legs and a headache. I decided to shift all my workouts one day ahead and turn my planned tempo run on Friday to an easy run on Saturday. It’s not ideal, but it’s week one.

This faux pas means I also realized the optimal schedule for the plans Andie has for me, which is a plus. She gives me my workouts by numbers instead of days, trusting I don’t go too hard post-speedwork or pre-long run. I’m planning something like this:

Monday: cross-training or active rest
Tuesday: run
Wednesday: run
Thursday: cross-training
Friday: run
Saturday: cross-training or active rest
Sunday: long run

It seems like a lot, but I’m sure either Thursday or Saturdays will become rest days, depending on what my body needs. Cross-training on Mondays or Saturdays will be yoga, as needed. Other times it will be swimming or strength training.


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