NYC Marathon Training Week #2 – Tuesday

Hill repeats today. Planned to do them in the morning. BUT when I don’t have plans after work, I tend to not do my planned morning workout. I’m lazy like that.

After work, it looked like it was going to rain, so I changed and got out the door as quickly as I could. Ran to Riverdale Park, did the hill 4 times, ran home. It didn’t feel hard – which worried me that, maybe, I’m not pushing myself hard enough.

Then I remember it’s week 2 of training. The pushing will come. And I did exactly what my coach said. So I’ll tell her it felt easy and then she’ll tell me what to do next.

Then I went home, turned on the Blue Jays game and read several running blog posts that made me feel lazy. I need new blogs to read. Help me out.


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