Home vs. Studio: I need some motivation

Life at the Y has been pretty great so far. I’m teaching yoga, I’m running with the Run Club, I’m now a cycle teacher, and soon I’ll be trained to lead fitness consolations. Tell me your fitness goals and I will create a program for you. But not yet, that’s coming soon. I’m feeling more and more like Joanna McLeod everyday! (Everyone remembers BodyBreak, am I right?!) Knowing how great this experience is for me and how beneficial it will be for future opportunities is really exciting to think about. I’m loving the Y, it’s staff and the community. And I love seeing the same people week after week attending my classes. It’s a good feeling.

Now that I’ve been home long enough to adapt to  some sort of routine around working and working out and trying to run and practice yoga on my own, it’s bothersome that I’m still struggling mentally with how to do it all. Yes, doing all these things is completely doable, it’s getting myself to do it that’s the hard part. And teaching that’s no problem. Again, it’s all the other things I should be doing outside teaching hours that’s causing me grief.


Brendan give me some hope!

Brendan give me some hope!

Being home has been great, but it’s not entirely easy. Small towns need studios and clubs and all the things I am doing at the Y. But, what are the teachers supposed to do? We can’t take our own classes. Of course, I have the option to practice yoga anywhere – at home, outside, at the Y – but figuring it out seems to involve more work than actually practicing. When I’m home I shouldn’t care what Mom and Dad think, but explaining to the parents that yoga is a part of my schedule doesn’t make sense when there’s a lawn to be mowed and a deck to be stained. So as a result I figured forget the explanation and run away to the Y. When I’m there, I’m there and no one can say anything. I’ll do all the things I need to do and use my time at home to be at home. This started to work, but something was still blocking me. Practicing or running or any individual activity is difficult to do on your own this is why we attend classes and join running groups.

I miss the studio atmosphere and the ability to walk into class and not have to worry about a thing. A teacher will tell me what to do and I will listen. I miss the inspiration teachers feed me with. When you’re in a city it’s never ending. When you’re at home you have to seek inspiration elsewhere.


This sad face needs to change (this is not Digby, but the expression tells all).

This is not Digby, but the expression explains all.

So where do you go for inspiration when you’re feeling uninspired? You have to think outside the box. I’m turning my attention to other classes, as long as I’m doing something that’s better then nothing, right? The Y has a good range of things to do, get in the pool, do some Zumba (it’s not really my things, but if I’m desperate and I have no excuse) Over thinking is probably my biggest problem. If you’re like me and finding yourself in a similar situation – get creative. It just might save us.

I was lucky enough to take part in a training session at the Y with Dave Comeau from Art of Strength. Dave was an amazing source of inspiration. I took things from his training session I can use in yoga and do on my own. And the best part is I’m actually wanting to do his simple workouts (simple in that they don’t require much equipment to do them, not simple in terms of the work itself!) I need to find and take advantage of more activities like this. Books and the internet are also great. Everyone knows my love for Brendan Brazier and Vega reading Thrive Fitness has given me hope! Podcasts are excellent for yoga classes. Find a teacher you like and practice with them. It’s been working for me because I no longer have to think on the spot and tell myself what do. More external creative input, this is good.

As for running I’m getting better at actually running again. Using the run club as my reason to run has been the kick in the butt I’ve been needing. I still need to run more which is why I think I need to be more social. There has to be people around who will run with me. Being committed to something or someone is excellent motivation. I’m the one complaining and I’m the only one who can do something about it. There is no reason to fall apart because I’m not in Toronto. Everything is here, it’s just looking at it in a different way.

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