NYC Marathon Training Week #2 – Thursday

Thursday was my first true speed workout. I was told to do 4-5 600s, depending on how I felt. Obviously I was going to do all 5 (unless I quit after 2 or 3 and made up some ailment to get out of them).

I am lucky to live about a 10 minute jog to Riverdale track. I had an event in the evening, so a morning workout was a must. Jogged there, did the 5 splits, jogged home.

It was….okay. I’ve definitely had speed work that made me want to die. These didn’t make me want to die. But I didn’t enjoy them. My splits were:


I have no idea what they mean or what they are an indication of. But I know speed work is an essential part of getting faster.

Speed work – it’s a mystery.


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