NYC Marathon Training Week #3 – Monday

Mondays are cross-training or rest, depending on how I’m feeling. This Monday was also a holiday, so Matt and I hatched the ambitious plan of biking to the Scarborough Bluffs and back.

Halfway there, it started to rain. We decided to power through, though. And, as a I stood at the edge of a cliff in the pouring rain, I realized this is EXACTLY what I was doing on August 4, 2013 – when I hiked the East Coast Trail with JK.

I guess this should be a new Erin Balser tradition.

It cleared up by the time we biked to the park, so we did all the trails and decided to get a quick bite before we headed back. Expect, the rains came down. Hard. And they didn’t stop. We finally caved and biked home in the rain.

40k in 3 hours. My legs feel like rubber. I’m not sure if running tomorrow is a good idea.



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